Is it safe to share my Wi-Fi network ?

All passwords are encrypted, and no one has access to this credentials. RedFenix will never reveal your identity or your password to anyone. 


Who can access my Wi-Fi if I join?

Anyone who has RedFenix app installed on phone can access, The idea is to reach as many people as possible that might need access in this time of need.


Only password protected networks ?

Not necessarily. You can add any public network as well to show on map for the whole community to know if they canc onnect near-by.


How do I connect?

Download our Android/iOS app or register on our website. Search for a RedFenix Wi-Fi Network near-by and connect to the internet for FREE.


How do I earn FREE quota?

1. Download our Android/iOS app.

2. Click on Free Quota.

3. Share any network.

4. Refer friends.


How much can I earn?

With a RedFenix device, you earn up to $0.10 per gigabyte shared. So for example, if you share 10gb a day you can earn up to $30/month.


Which networks can I share?

The Wi-Fi network that you share can be your home, work or business network if you are still going to work, or any place that you know the password.


Can I opt-out anytime?

Yes, you can request to remove your network anytime.


Will my internet get slow?

RedFenix will not be a burden on your connection. Maybe no one will even use your Wi-Fi, but better be ready in case someone does.


How do I share?

Download our Android/iOS app. Connect to any know Wi-Fi. Add it to our network following 3 simple steps. Passwords are always encrypted.


How do I earn money?

To earn money you have to connect a RedFenix Wi-Fi device to your home or work router. This creates a more robust and secure network.


How do I get paid?

Once you reach the minimum of $ 100, the option of transfer to a bank account or payment by Paypal will be enabled.

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