Hello, my name is Charvel Chedraui, CEO and Co-founder of RedFenix, the Collaborative Wi-Fi Network. We can help people stay connected to the internet during COVID-19 🦠


As a result of the coronavirus, many people will not be able to leave their home to work and will not have how to pay for their cellular service or the internet at home.

There are cases where students have been sent home, but due to their economic condition they do not have internet at home, and cannot study.


There are marginal areas where not everyone has internet in their homes, and perhaps a neighbor who shares their connectivity could help everyone around them.


To help solve this problem and generate a social impact, we created a tool for sharing known Wi-Fi networks to which people who have our app can connect for FREE.


For brands and companies that want to make a social impact and help us get people connected during this hard times, we created a SPONSOR KIT that you can download here:

Most of our users are in those 3 territories, that is why we only offer those SPONSOR KITS.


You can also donate from anywhere in the world.

To donate go here:

Every dollar donated will go directly to expand coverage and reach more people. For every $1 we will connect 1 person to the internet and for every $10 we will open up a new hotspot. 

We want you to help us democratize Internet access. A free internet is possible, but it must be collaborative.

Thanks for your contribution, it means a lot to many people.


With ❤❤❤ Team RedFenix

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