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The collaborative

Wi-Fi Network.

We democratize internet access quickly, safely and affordably saving on your data consumption.  

We help fixed internet owners make money by sharing their connection with our Wi-Fi community.

Who are we?
What do we do?
What makes us different?

Always connected!

Earn money by sharing your internet connection with people nearby or access a RedFenix Wi-Fi network and browse!


Are you looking for a Wi-Fi connection? Download the RedFenix app and connect to any RedFenix Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.


Are you looking to share your connection and earn money? Connect one of our devices to your router, or download our firmware and track your earnings on our dashboard!

Why RedFenix?

Multiple Locations

In the world there are more than 300 millon Wi-Fi networks that could be shared.


RedFenix tiene la visión de compartir 30M de puntos Wi-Fi en los próximos 5 años.

Freemium Browsing

RedFenix Freemium will allow people to navigate for free by interacting with an advertiser.


You can access the global Wi-Fi network from $ 0.25 a day making it affordable for everyone.

Easy to use

You can join the global Wi-Fi network, downloading our firmware for your existing Wi-Fi device, or we send you a RedFenix plug & play device in commode to be part of the network.


Join a global collaborative community. Browsing or sharing, you help RedFenix take the internet to areas of greatest need. You can refer friends and earn navigation megabytes.


This is our mojo.

In the world there is a global network, but it is caught between names, keys and we want to do something about it.


Our mission is to help reduce the digital divide and connect millions of people to the Internet that today do not have access

Join the telecommunications revolution, share your internet with our Wi-Fi community and receive access to the entire network in exchange and earn money every time someone uses yours.


This helps the network to grow, more users have access in more places and each person who shares their connection allows them to have an income to cover their fixed internet costs.

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