COVID-19 πŸ¦ 

A connected world during COVID-19.


As a result of the coronavirus, many people will not be able to leave their home to work and will not have how to pay for their cellular service or the internet at home. There are cases where students have been sent home, but due to their economic condition they do not have fixed internet, and cannot study. We have added a tool in our app to share the Wi-Fi network of your home or business, so that anyone near your network can connect automatically without the need to give the keys to anyone. By not interacting with who the internet needs, we have fewer infections and we help everyone stay connected.​


For participating we have 3 prizes:


  1. 100GB package.

  2. 50GB package.

  3. 25GB package.


To participate you must follow the following steps:


  1. Download our app and sign up.

  2. Share a Wi-Fi network in the app and make screenshot of Wi-Fi you shared.

  3. Invite 3 friends to share their Wi-Fi, tag the person who challenged you, tag RedFenix ​​and use hashtags #SiHayWifi #RedFenixWifi #WifiGratisConRedFenix


Bonus: If you share a video inviting more friends, you have more opportunities to win.


We want you to help us democratize Internet access. A free internet is possible, but it must be collaborative.


With ❀❀❀ Team RedFenix

Frequently asked questions


Is it safe to share my W-Fi network ?

All passwords are encrypted, and no one has access to this credentials. RedFenix will never reveal your identity or your password to anyone. 


Who can access my Wi-Fi if I join?

Anyone who has RedFenix app installed on phone can access, The idea is to reach as many people as possible that might need access in this time of need.


Only password protected networks ?

Not necessarily. You can add any public network as well to show on map for the whole community to know if they canc onnect near-by.


Which networks can I share?

The Wi-Fi network that you share can be your home, work or business network if you are still going to work, or any place that you know the password.


Can I opt-out anytime?

Yes, you can request to remove your network anytime.


Will my internet get slow?

RedFenix will not be a burden on your connection. Maybe no one will even use your Wi-Fi, but better be ready in case someone does.

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